Why Monthly Rent?

Embrace Unmatched Flexibility with Monthly Rentals: Life is dynamic, and so are your storage needs. With our monthly rental option, you gain the freedom to adapt effortlessly to changing circumstances. Whether you’re in the midst of a short-term project, testing the waters of a new business venture, or simply seeking temporary storage during a transition, our monthly rental plan ensures you only pay for the time you need. Enjoy the convenience of having extra space at your disposal without the constraints of a long-term commitment. Experience storage solutions that move with you, providing the flexibility to align your storage duration precisely with your life’s ever-evolving demands. Elevate your storage experience with monthly rentals tailored to your pace and priorities.

20’ Containers - $149/Month

40’ Container - $199/Month

Containers can be rented from up to 50 miles from Suwanee Ga.
Rentals require the first 3 months (price pending size) and delivery $600.00 due at drop off.

Monthly Rental Agreements are for 36 months
12- and 24-month options are available, please call for details.

One trip 20ft and 40ft containers are available upon request. WWT* Wind watertight

Example of a 20ft rental due at drop off is:
1) First 3 months of rent $447.
2) Set up and Delivery fee $600. total $1047.00

After the first 3 months, you will only be paying $149. per month.

Please Fill out the below forms to start the rental process

For any questions, email [email protected] or 404-254-6306

Why Choose Us

Container South’s top priority is ensuring every customer is 100% satisfied with their storage container purchase or rental.  Because of their exceptional customer service over the years, the Bazemore’s are one of the top commercial and residential container resellers in southeast Georgia, Tennessee, Alabama, South Carolina, and North Carolina.  With short term lease options, as well as long-term lease and lease-to-own options available, they look forward to helping you find the best storage container to fit your needs.  Thank you for 10 amazing years!