Frequently Asked Questions

Where is Container South located?  
Container South is an Atlanta, Georgia based company with an office in Suwanee, Georgia.  

What area does Container South service?
For rentals, Container South will deliver cargo boxes up to 50 miles from their Atlanta, GA and Suwanee, GA offices.  

For purchases of both new and used shipping containers, we deliver within 300 miles of our office locations. 

What are the benefits of renting a storage container (shipping container) Container South shipping / storage containers? 

  • Affordability: Storage containers from Container South are a good choice financially for long term storage.  We have the best pricing in the Metro Atlanta area.  When compared to storage facilities, the monthly rental fees are not as costly.  This reduces your monthly overhead for long term storage solutions.
  • Reduce commute time – Eliminate unnecessary trips to storage rental locations, saving time and money.
    Convenience – Because you can place Container South shipping containers virtually anywhere, productivity is increased.  All of your materials are on hand, reducing downtime.
  • Increased Security & Prevent Theft – Utilizing storage containers allows you to lock up all of your materials and prevent theft and costly insurance claims.  

Benefits of buying
Buying is a wise choice if you are planning for long-term (a year or more) storage solutions.  

After I place an order for a storage container from Container South, how will I get the container?
For rentals, we will deliver your shipping container within 50 miles.  When you purchase a shipping container, we will deliver the portable storage container anywhere up to 300 miles from our Atlanta, Georgia location. 

How do I return a portable storage container?
When you are ready to return your portable shipping container, all you have to do is give us a call or contact us via email. 

When I rent a portable shipping container from Container South, how long must I rent the container for?
Container South offers month-to-month rental agreements.  We also have longer lease periods that will save you money over the long haul. 

Shipping and storage containers are perfect for:
Construction companies – Perfect for on site storage of building supplies and tools. 

Schools and educational institutions – Allowing educators a place to store books, learning materials, and school house materials 

Government agencies – Storage solutions for police equipment, army supplies, paperwork, etc.  

Personal storage – More affordable and convenient than renting a storage unit.  Also provides a way to keep a closer watch on your personal belongings.  
Recreational sports organizations –  Keep uniforms and equipment safe from the outside elements 

Retail establishments – Allows additional space for businesses to store personal inventory

What is the major difference between a shipping container and a storage container?
Several different terms are used to describe shipping containers.   Some people call them storage containers, others will refer to them as shipping containers, sea containers, cargo boxes, or Conex boxes.  All of these terms refer to the large containers used to store materials for long periods of time or to ship a large item / quantities of products. 

What happens when I reserve to rent or buy a storage container from Container South? 
When you contact container south for any type of storage container, a few things must happen before we deliver your cargo box.  For used containers, we test the container to ensure your property stays safe from the elements.  We do not sell any used cargo containers that have cracks or holes.  We also make sure the container is clean and free of dirt and debris. 

When will my storage container be delivered? 
Generally, after we receive your request for the purchase of a shipping container (cargo box), we deliver the container to you within 72 hours unless you have requested a specific container that we do not have in stock.  Delivery may be up to 7 business days based on your distance from Atlanta, Georgia.  For example, because we personally deliver your shipping container to Tennessee will naturally take longer than delivery to Athens, Georgia; however, we strive to meet the needs of all of our customers and deliver in a reasonable timeframe.

If I buy a used container, what condition will it be in? 
Used shipping containers and cargo boxes are generally 10 – 14 years old by the time they are sold by the original owner.  Since these cargo boxes have been in transit (rail and sea)  by international shipping companies,  

Since most cargo boxes have been in use by international shipping companies for about 10 – 15  years, there is going to be some wear and tear on the units. 

What does “1 trip” mean on the products page?

“1 trip” means that the cargo box should only be used as a storage container, and not as a shipping container.  It refers to the overall condition of the box, therefore, if you are planning on using the cargo box to ship materials from 1 location to another, we recommend purchasing a new container.   You can also request a premium container if you are planning on using the container for cargo, and if you are interested in a used container to transport cargo just once or twice, you can also request a “cargo worthy” container.  However, we do not recommend “cargo worthy” containers for more than 1 or 2 moves. 

How long do cargo containers last?
Most new cargo boxes will last 20 years or more without any sort of maintenance. 

Used containers lifespan will vary based on the condition when purchased. Any used container sold by Container South are considered to be suitable for storage and prevent damage to your property.  Please keep in mind that since these containers are made of steel, there will be rust.  

What is the cost of a storage container from Container South?
Based on market variables and availability, Container South pricing will vary.  Please call for the latest quotes and to check what is in stock. 

How much do storage containers weigh? 
Based on their size, storage container weight will vary.  On average, an empty 20-foot container weighs around 4,585 lbs., whereas an empty 40′ container weighs around 8,268 lbs. 

What type of flooring do storage containers have?
Most standard cargo boxes have been manufactured with plywood floors. 

Can you explain the difference between a “high cube” and a “standard” storage container? 
“Standard” containers are 20′ or 40′ long, and 8’6″ tall.  “High cube” containers are 9’6″ tall.

Can you lock a storage container? 
Yes, you can lock storage containers.