Rent 2 Own Application

If you are interested in renting to own one of our container cubes for your home or business please complete the rent to own application below. You will be asked to upload an image of your driver’s license as well. All documents are handled securely for your protection. Thank you for your time and we look forward to serving you now and in the future.

After you fill the credit card information out, make sure to complete the Rental Application to speed up the process.

Rent to Own Agreement w/Appendix & Standard Form PDF
Date of Agreement
Name of Party Responsible
Line 1
Line 2: Apt, Lot, Suite #
1. Rent To Own: In consideration of the terms and covenants herein contained, CS agrees to rent to the rent to own customer and the rent to own customer agrees to hire from CS storage containers identified by the serial numbers listed in the Appendix attached hereto or subsequently added (hereinafter called the “Containers”).

Length of Term: Months
3. Payment start date: Payment starts for each container from the date set out in the attached Appendix.

4. Monthly Payment: For each of the Containers delivered to the Renter hereunder, the Renter shall pay rent as shown in the Appendix. Rent shall be paid monthly with a 5 day grace period upon which a $25 fee will be assessed. Also, see paragraph 5 on Standard Terms.

5. Delivery: The Containers shall be for use by the Renter on the Renter’s site at:

Physical address line 1
Apt., Lot, Suite #
and the delivery cost for each container to the site shall be collected at the time of delivery. Delivery charges listed in Appendix.

6. Failure to Pay: If the Renter fails to pay per the terms of the lease, CS reserves the right to access the property listed in Paragraph 5 to retrieve the Containers after written notice. In addition, a $1000 REPO fee will be assessed. If required, the cost of repair of Containers shall be for the Renter’s account, according to the provisions of Paragraph 3 of CS’s Standard Terms, as described in Paragraph 8 below.

7. Replacement Values The replacement value for each Container damaged beyond economic repair, lost or destroyed shall be as stated in the Appendix.

8. General: CS’s Standard Lease Terms are incorporated in this Lease and form an integral part hereof.


A copy of this form will be sent here